Designed to accommodate a variety of email marketing scenarios and resources, OEDM is offered as an online subscription service, or purchase OEDM software from us.


Self-Assisted Online Subscription Plan

For clients that have the resources to manage the process internally, we'll set you up with an online subscription-based account in OEDM system, help with initial import of your contact lists, a selection of free built-in templates for you, an 1-hour onsite training on how to use the system, and after that you take care of everything else.


Email Marketing Software License

OEDM Email Platform is an enterprise-ready email marketing software that allows companies to deploy email marketing to large volume of customers. We use dedicated IPs to deliver emails and assist you to implement SPF and DKIM records to ensure email delivery at best. If you prefer to run the solution via your own branding or prefer to install on your server, we can help extend this service by offering you with private branding. To learn more about this option, please click below to contact us.


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